How to Create Hypothesis for building a MVP?

What is Hypothesis in Creating a MVP?


  1. The Hypothesis in a MVP is a statement that you are set to find out whether that is true, how true or not.


Why You Create MVP with a Hypothesis?


  1. You want your idea to get validated even before you start putting your valuable time and money into it.
  2. you want the response and reaction of your startup idea.
  3. you want to get some kind of real feedback from your specific target customers
  4. Is there a need for such product or the solution you trying to build?
  5. Is your product or the solutions good enough to find customer who are willing to pay?
  6. Is your Customer Acquisition cost is economically viable


What makes an ideal Hypothesis Statement in a MVP?


To start with let me give you a good example of MVP statement.

What is the The Startup name:



Hypothesis for a MVP?


Trader prefer Software platform to terminal; A large untapped market at lower price point.



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